Cassis Royale

Kir Royale with Cassis cocktail .JPG


One glass of sparkle - Prosecco, Cava or Champagne
25ml Mother’s Ruin Cassis



Everything needs to be ice cold for this. So your Prosecco or Cava should come from the fridge. Cassis can either come from the fridge, or you can chill it by stirring a measure over ice.

Pour one glass of sparkle – your choice, Champagne if you are feeling flash.

Pour a 25ml measure of cassis gently over the back of a spoon held to the surface of the sparkle. It should sink to the bottom creating a layer of liqueur with a layer of the wine on top. Make an elaborate and pretty garnish with peel and fruit!

If you don’t have our Cassis to hand, then all our Liqueurs make delicious Royales when added to a glass of fizz.