It's Official We're the Best...


Mother scoops another win for her Sloe Gin. The brave people at Good Housekeeping had the onerous task of tasting and scoring all the gin, and our Sloe Gin won their sloe gin category. The judges said “we loved its sweetness and smooth texture. Flavours of citrus peel, burnt sugar, liquorice and dark berries all shone through, too, and the finish on this gin is long, while the aftertaste is warm and smooth. “ so there it is, if you want the very best sloe gin you’ve come to the right place. We believe it is because we use the best Essex sloes, hand picked and in large amounts, and we infuse our liqueur for over a year for a deep and delicious flavour.


Spring and very nearly Summer are most definitely here and the first of our home grown fruit is in full crop in the form of the mighty rhubarb. We have picked 30lbs in the first picking with much more expected over the coming months. What doesn’t get used to make our luscious rhubarb and fresh ginger root liqueur gets turned into a crumble (Mother’s not so secret vice). With custard.

In celebration of the warmer weather our summer menu is now here too, with a really fabulous range of new cocktails alongside house classics. For something to sip on the first warm evenings of the year we bring you….

The Rhubarb and Fennel Refresher

rhubarb and fennel refresher.jpg

25mls Russo Finocchetto (Fennel Liqueur), 25ml extra dry vermouth, 25mls lemon juice, 35ls Mother’s Ruin Rhubarb Vodka, pinch of salt, 10mls gomme, soda water.

Shake all but the soda water in a cocktail shaker with ice for 30 Then tip all the contents into a long cooler glass with more ice if needed. Top with soda water and stir gently to combine the flavours but not break the bubbles.

Becky Griffiths