Mother makes it into the Mile High Club

It's the beginning of all the summer crops becoming ripe and ready for picking. It has been a great year for blackcurrants in the London orchard with loads of fat and glossy, dark and delicious berries. On the hottest day of the year and armed with nothing more than a trilby and some sunscreen your hero picked the lot.

They are all destined to languish in alcohol to become our award winning cassis made with vanilla pods and lots of time. Blackcurrants are spectacularly high in vitamin C and considered the most super of super fruits. So surely it is almost certainly true that our Cassis is medicinal.

And if that wasn't enough London's Night Tzar encountered our cassis on one of her late evening rambles about town, and fell in love. She chatted to BA's inflight magazine High Life about her favourite things and gave us a much appreciated mention. So in honour of aviatrixes everywhere I bring you our twist on the classic Aviation cocktail

The Bessie Coleman

In 1921 Bessie Coleman was the first Black Native American woman to gain a pilot's licence, we raise a glass to her! You will need a cocktail shaker with ice in it and a chilled martini glass to serve the drink. To the shaker add 50mls of your favourite gin, 10mls Creme de Violette, 15mls cassis and 15mls lemon juice and shake hard. Strain into your martini glass and garnish with a fine curl of lemon zest. Sip whilst gazing into the far distance and considering the blue yonder, and pioneers everywhere.