King of the Orchard

There's a fine young tup in the orchard, bold and bright eyed. His flock is only small so he's casting about for new ladies and dreaming of all his young lambs to come in the spring time.

And yet, there is the winter to be got through first and the weather is drawing in.

Between putting the orchard to bed and avoiding Zach's amorous advances we walked over Whitbarrow scar getting caught in a wild stinging hail storm.

Back indoors there is lots of bottling, labeling and preparation for the coming two weeks when there are two local events coming up.

The first is the E17 Designers' Christmas Fair on 29th Nov at 7-10pm. Mother will be hawking her fine liqueurs and dispensing gin related wisdom along side fellow designers and makers.

The E17Designers Christmas Market is in Time Out's top 10 fairs. So do come by and see what the hype is about, and get some of your present buying done and dusted before the pressure ratchets up to an unbearable levels. Have some cake, a beer or two from the boys at Wild Card. See, there, Christmas shopping isn't so bad after all.

The following day it's Eat or Heat's Christmas Fair and in the evening a piano recital, with proceeds going to local food bank charity Eat or Heat. Mother will be there in the evening launching some specially commissioned Christmas pudding spiced rum, with her dear friends from Aura Rosa cake makers extraordinaire, and partners in crime for local Movember moustache growing competition.

Dream on Gio, mine is definitely bigger than yours!

And for Moustachioed gunslingers and lovers of spiced rum everywhere here is;

The Derringer

(by Laura Cloer)

1 1⁄2oz Kraken Spiced Rum
4ds orange bitters
1bsp Ginger juice
1oz lime juice
1oz agave syrup
1spl ginger ale

Shake & strain into a Collins glass over ice. Top with ginger ale. Garnish with lime wheel.