Music to pick sloes by

It has come to my attention via the acerbic comments of friends that I have become a sloe gang-master. I can spot laden branches at 100 yards, and nothing gladdens my blue stained heart more than the sight of industrious hedgerow gathering.

In the hopes of comforting my scratched and shredded troops, and spurring them on to epic picking feats I have created the Sloe Gin Play List

The Sloes of Penybanc — Tony Furtado
Prickle Eye Bush — Bellowhead
Sloe Gin —Tim Curry
Sloe Eyed Devil Show — Verlen

Happy now?

And as all troops march on a full stomach, an intoxicating recipe. Combining two of my favourite things, sloes and jelly - I give you...

Sloe Jelly

Take 8g or 4 leaves of the best grade gelatin you can afford and soften it in some cold water. Meanwhile heat 150mls of water and 100g of granulated white sugar. When all the sugar has dissolved add the softened gelatin and continue to heat until the gelatin too is dissolved. Remove from the heat and let cool for a few minutes. Not so cold that it starts to set, or too hot so the alcohol in the precious sloe gin you are about to add is at risk of evaporating, as that would never do. So about 4-5 mins should do it. Then add 350mls of sloe gin. Pour into your jelly moulds and leave to set. It will take at least 4 hours to set, better to leave overnight if you can.

Then, eat up! It's fortifying for the heart and good for nails and hair too!!