Intoxication and a joyful noise in the Fens

Mother took a day off to go to the Cambridge Folk festival where barefoot dancing to The Levellers made her feel the giddy psychedelic youth of 25 years past. And in her honour the magnificent Bellowhead played their Sloe Gin Set Well, perhaps it wasn't in her honour, but still it was a joyful noise.

The last of the blackcurrants have now been picked alongside with all the cherries that I could reach, the topmost branches were beyond my fingertips, so they are for the birds. The adjoining garden was playing a Doris Day album all afternoon so the strains of The Deadwood Stage and singing Whip Crack Away we got the job done.

Something cool and zesty to help refresh the mind and body in these hot and sultry days


Kir Martini

1 part of blackcurrant liqueur
2 parts extra dry vermouth
7 parts gin
twist lemon peel

Mix all in a mixing glass with ice and strain into a cocktail glass, garnish with a twist of lemon peel.