A dark and inky joy

Along with most of the soft fruit the blackcurrants are ready to be picked. I've been up early to be in the orchard by 7.30 while the weather is still cool, and part of the orchard is still in the shade. A small robin darted onto one of the low branches of the currant bush and fixed me with a bright gaze while I picked.

The blackcurrant foundation gives handy tips on how to grow blackcurrants and get fat juicy berries of your own, and explains why British blackcurrants are the best in the world.

Grown in Russian monastery gardens in the 11th Century and cultivated in Britain since the 16th Century. A delicious wonder fruit jam packed with vitamins C and E, and with claims that it prevents heart disease, cancer and Alzheimer's, it would be madness not to drink it. To this end I bring you a twist on the classic Black n' Black

Mother's Black n' Black

Pour 2-3 of shots of blackcurrant vodka into the pint glass, top up with Guinness - behold the delicate pink head. Take a deep pull and enjoy the dark malt and bitter chocolate of the Guinness infused with tart and tasty blackcurrant. 

As the good folks at Guinness have always said - it's good for you.