My new friends the sheep

The first blazing hot weekend of the year was partially spent in the orchard with my new friends the sheep. Handsome!

They've been moved up from Parkend Farm to graze the long grass in the orchard. Forgetful of their role as grazers they decided to nibble the tender sweet tips of the newly branching apple and damson trees. So we spent a few hours fortifying the tree enclosures with extra wire. We also nailed and staked chicken wire around the soft fruit beds as rabbits have been eating the rhubarb leaves. So, not poisonous after all it seems. 

The other part of the weekend was spent climbing my beloved fells, to take in the glorious view from Bannerigg Crag and to have a cup of tea freshly brewed.

Back in Walthamstow the Appetite E17 festival is ongoing, with Wild Card brewery's beer festival opening at the Warrant Officer this evening. on the 29th of June The Gin Palace will be going on a brief tour to the Bell on Forest Rd for Auntie Maureen's gourmet food fair. When Auntie M is not playing DJ sets with her trusty 1930's gramophone she's been busy bringing all sorts of local food and drink producers together for one delicious afternoon only.

This Saturday is World Gin Day and I would encourage everyone to support gin magnates the world over by taking a wee measure. For the adventurous Londoner there is also a gin tour through the streets of old Clerkenwell.

For Gin lovers and drinkers...



3cl Gin
3cl Campari
3cl Sweet vermouth
1 twst Orange peel (as garnish)

Stir, strain, rocks, lowball. Garnish with orange twist or flamed orange peel.