Spring time in the orchard

Last weekend was spent in the orchard in the first warm sun of the year. Grass grown thick and green, with celandine and speedwell strewn throughout. It was a joy to be out doing a bit of weeding and looking at all the new growth. The gooseberry bushes and the rhubarb crowns seem to have establshed themselves best and are looking hearty and in bright sap green leaf.

John had spent the last week making lead plaques to attach to the fences, punching out the letters by hand and drilling little holes for the nails. Now we know which trees are where and also the year they were first recorded in Britain. The wonderful sweet and fragrant Lyth Valley Damson of which we have 13 young saplings has been recorded here since the 1600's.

Spare time at home has been spent bottling and labelling for upcoming local events. The  E17Designers Spring Fair on the evening of Friday 17th May from 7-10pm, and the upcoming Appetite food festival which will be running through the month of June to celebrate locally made food and drink.