Raspberry heaven

The sun is out and finally feels warm, but never one to take a chance the cat is assisting in the incubation of seedlings. Green buds have started to appear on the raspberry canes, which had looked like dead twigs until last week. Good to know the endless winter and my novice orchard techniques haven't killed them! I've spent the morning straining and bottling raspberry vodka. To get WI grade clarity, double muslin is needed. The inky fragrant liqueur slowly silently filling the jug and perfuming the kitchen with the scent of summer afternoons on the allotment.

In honour of the raspberry and of Carol Channing in Thoroughly Modern Millie -


The Carol Channing cocktail

Ruise some raspberries, (or in my case use some of the raspberries that have been soaking in vodka since last summer), in the bottom of a glass, add a little simple sugar syrup and some raspberry vodka, top with champagne, float a few fresh raspberries. Boom, there you are!