Damsophilia and the life of an East London Gin Slinger

Mother's Ruin is eying up the slow moving advance of Spring with caution and all her fingers crossed. In particular as it's the annual Lyth Valley Damson day at Low Farm near Crosthwaite in Cumbria, this Saturday 10th April from 10.30-4.30. It's a great chance to drift about and check out the blossom orchards and buy some jam or gin. There is no sight more fair to this Cumbrian lass's heart than that soft blue Northern sky and a little sheltered hollow filled with flower laden damson trees.

Meanwhile I've been developing a new persona as an East London Gin Slinger in an interview with the lovely Two Thirsty Gardeners chatting about my other life as urban gin magnate and gin palace proprietor. 

A cocktail in honour of the mighty damson


The Public Purse

Ingredients per person
1fl oz damson gin
1fl oz gin
3/4 fl oz lime juice
1/8 fl oz creme de violette
1/2 fl oz simple syrup
10 drops Peychauds bitters
1 fl oz egg white
1 twist orange peel garnish

Dry shake all ingredients for 30-60 seconds, then shake with ice for 20 seconds and strain into a cocktail glass – garnish with twist of orange.