A host of updates

Last March I was dazzled by the sweet acid bright colours of the forced rhubarb currently in season and used some for the rhubarb and ginger vodka. Gorgeous colour, but tasted of nothing. I've got 20 litres of delicate rosé coloured liqueur with only a shadow of the tart juicy flavour that I'm after.

I've decided to re-infuse it with some unforced rhubarb which I've had in the freezer and some fresh ginger. By the time it is done it will then have taken two years, but I think it could be fantastic and will mean I won't waste all that good vodka!

I've entered the 2013 Good Taste food awards with my Damson Gin and the Rhubarb and Ginger Vodka. Judging is in May and June and I'm excited to get some critical feedback.

I'm also linking in with Waltham Forest Fairtrade group to find out about whether Mother's Ruin could be fairtrade. The last few bottles of the gooseberry and elderflower vodka are selling quickly. The heady floral hit is a reminder of spring and sunshine whilst outside the rain is drumming on the roof.

I've also become a member of E17Designers who work as a collective to promote the work of Walthamstow's great community of independent designers and makers through their website and a series of fairs - the next one coming up on May 11th.