Go East young woman

For the homesick Walthamstow wanderer finding themselves washed up on the far shores of E1 and Spitalfields, a taste of home is now available at A Gold. Selling all sorts of traditional British foods from Kendal mintcake to Fitzpatrick's Temperance cordials from Lancashire, Mother's Ruin has found a home from home on it's eccentric but tastefully stocked shelves.

Philip and Paulo run this gorgeous little shop making delicious home made soup, scotch eggs and generously stuffed sandwiches for hungry city folk, alongside coffee that I can only describe as rocket fuel and from which I am still feeling a little breezy (and that is from last week) .

Mother's Ruin is also going on tour with the Wanstead Tap, another escapee from the rat race who is going to be appearing at East London farmer's markets selling locally made beers like the Jack of Clubs from the lovely Wild Card Brewery based in Higham Hill.