Spring is coming?

Spring seems far away as another cold snap chills the market. Thin flurries of snow scurry along Wood St, salt and grit crunches underfoot on the pavements. No fruit to pick but in the orchard the rhubarb planted in November and December is emerging strong and rude after being nipped by the frost.

And my freezer stash of last autumn's sloes and damsons is being steadily raided to ensure a plentiful supply of gin next year.  All of the Christmas profits are being spent on enough spirit to keep me in production 'til May. Check out the recent Costco trolley load, my hands actually shook as I handed over the card to pay for this lot, convincing the man at the till that I was indeed a raging alcoholic. I was amazed I could buy this much alcohol in one go! The taxi driver asked me what kind of party I was having.

This weekend I'm bottling the very last of the the gooseberry and elderflower vodka, with blossom and the sun's warmth a distant memory the intense floral fragrance and rich golden liqueur will lift the spirits.