Seville Season Part 2 - up to my oxters

Three days spent in the vibrant aromatic company of boiling Seville oranges and rum, not a bad use of the dark February days. The house is infused with the smell of marmalade and I'm sure all that citrusy humidity is good for the skin. I've re-jigged the recipe a bit since last year's experiment as I'm keen to make it less cloudy, whilst keeping the deep bitter orange flavour.

30kg of oranges has made about 45 litres of rum liqueur, a drink so darkly decadent that I think it needs a serving suggestion of a small crystal goblet and a recumbent position on velvet cushions.

And as a reward for her heroic slicing and steeping labours, Mother's Ruin is taking a day off from the Gin Palace tomorrow to go to White Hart Lane and cheer for the mighty Spurs. COYS etc.