Mother's Ruin Cumbrian arm

Scraping ice off the van window on a thin Cumbrian morning we headed early up the M6 North towards Carlisle and Tarn Rd nurseries. After a minor scuffle with the sat nav we arrived to find the nursery starting its day. Fires were being lit in the wood buring stoves, and a large golden longhaired hound had already bagged the warmest spot. Nursery owner John Treeby had got my order ready so we were back on the road shortly with high quality healthy looking plants.

Victoria, Glaskins Perpetual, Invicta, Ben Lomond, Ben Tirran, Glen Ample and Autumn Bliss.  - wonderful old names for the rhubarb crowns, blackcurrant and gooseberry bushes, and raspberry canes.

Whilst the rest of the country was under driving rain and flooding, we had cold and grey but dry day and got all the plants in. A small crowd gathered to mark the development of Mother's Ruin's Cumbrian arm to loud cheers.

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